Two years a slave

Tomorrow marks the start of my third year blogging. I use the term “slave” somewhat facetiously and certainly not in the word’s abhorrent primary meaning. But the second definition—working without remuneration—isn’t too far off, and a third meaning is even more accurate: being in thrall to something, an addict or devotee. For blogging is a beguiling habit. You put a thought, an image, or a question out there and wait. The reaction can be immediate or slow in coming, what you expected or a complete surprise. And yet, how addictive the process becomes—I blog, therefore I am.

I smile when I think of my original intention—a selfish one, really—for this blog: to create a place where readers of my fiction might learn more about the author. The inverse has happened. I receive much more from the blogosphere than I give back. Humor, sincerity, passion, diversity, friendship—they’re all here. So, while I do get to record my thoughts about books and other things that preoccupy me in this little space on the worldwide web, the generosity, kindness and creativity returned are far more extraordinary.

What I’m trying to say is, thank you to all who have read, liked, followed or commented here. But even more, thank you to all who write, paint, photograph, draw, translate, transcribe or whatever other creative thing you do on your blog that has kept me a slave to your art for the last two years. Please keep it coming!



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15 responses to “Two years a slave

  1. I know just what you mean about discovering so much through other people’s blogs. Yours, in particular, is one of my favorites. But you already know that!

    I was thinking of you the other day as I am reading Dylan Thomas’ ‘Portrait of an Artist as a Young Dog’ – his autobiographical essays about his childhood. Little gems. I think you would enjoy them.

  2. Congratulations and wish you many more years of blogging! Btw, I finished reading The Book of Lamentations. It is certainly one of the great works from Latin America. Thanks for introducing to Rosario Castellanos.

    • Thanks, Bhupinder. I’m so glad you liked Castellanos. I definitely plan to read more of her. She is an impressive writer, and she deserves more attention. Happy reading!

  3. Two years to the next prime-numbered anniversary, Tom. Well done and well written, as always. A “beguiling habit” indeed..

  4. todadwithlove

    I so relate to what you said about blogging as an addiction. Sometimes I think I need rehabilitation through cold turkey. But blogs like yours keep me coming back; they convince me the drug’s good. Yours, especially. Reading your writing is always an intellectually stimulating experience.

  5. Love this! Don’t we all take the blogging plunge for selfish reasons, then find ourselves in awe of such magnificently, creative company? Very unexpected for me to happen upon so many greats in the blogosphere, your blog especially. Keep it coming, Mr. Gething! : )

    • Thanks, Britt. Safe travels to Portland. I expect to see lots of blogging from you when you get there. BTW, although I hate to admit it (being an old Milwaukee boy), but some of the best beer in the country comes from Oregon. You won’t miss that Midwest beer!

      • That’s a relief to hear about the beer! I’ve been told Oregon has some fabulous brews. Guess I’ll just have to sample all of them. Tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. : )

  6. Two years is impressive, congratulations on the milestone…it’s great to make friends from so many countries with different perspectives and cultures.

  7. What a great post, thanks for sharing.

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