A multimedia presentation on my novel


Last spring I was privileged to have Under a False Flag used as part of the curriculum for a course in contemporary Latin American history taught by Professor Michael Hall at Armstrong Atlantic State University in Georgia. I suspect that’s how this little multimedia presentation by Tara Kemp came about. As an author, it’s both fascinating and satisfying to see how a reader approached my book. The YouTube links Tara included in her presentation are excellent background pieces on Chile before the coup and capture many of the conflicts found in the novel. Thank you, Tara!

Tara Kemp’s presentation on Under a False Flag



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15 responses to “A multimedia presentation on my novel

  1. Well done to Tara and congratulations to Tom.

  2. It must be so fascinating to see your work presented in such a manner! The Prezi is well done.

    • Thanks, Letizia. As they say, once a book is out there it’s no longer yours. So it is interesting to see what readers focus on. I was unfamiliar with Prezi, but I guess it’s a new improved version of PowerPoint. Always something new to learn about!

  3. Excellent presentation, Tom. Come to think of it, it never stuck me to click the image of the novel on the right. Now that I have done so, the book is on its way.

    • Thanks so much, Bhupinder. I certainly appreciate your support and consideration. And I hope you like the book! Best regards.

    • Hi Bhupinder, I just saw your very kind review of “Under a False Flag” on Goodreads and wanted to thank you. When there are so many great books out there, it takes a brave and generous person to spend the time to read an unknown author’s work. I very much appreciate it. All the best, Tom

  4. That is so neat, Tom! I imagine it would feel somewhere between odd and exciting to see your novel take this route. Now that I’m done with Nola Fran Evie I have more time to read and just added your book to my Goodreads list. I’m interested to learn more about South America and hope to travel to both Argentina and Chile one day.

    • Britt, thank you for adding it to you lineup. If you haven’t already picked it up, want to do a trade? I can send you a mobi file of mine if you’ll send me one of your new one. And btw, if you can get to Argentina and Chile, do! They are both beautiful countries, with great wines to boot!

      • We can absolutely do a trade! I’ve never done this before, but I’m game. The two options I see are either to lend you my book through Amazon, which is good for 14 days, or I can send you an Epub file if that works. I’ll email you so we can discuss. : )

  5. That’s a really good idea, very engaging. it’s amazing what people can do these days.

  6. Congratulation Tom!. All the best of luck, Aquileana 😀

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